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A Rediscovered Ancient Egyptian Technology

Rediscovered Egyptian technology

Most people are aware of the incredible knowledge of preservation of the ancient Egyptian civilisation.

When English archaeologist Howard Carter and his team discovered the 3,000 year old tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings in 1922, the world was amazed at the incredible state of preservation of its contents.

The Annex, in particular, contained oils, ointments, scents, foods and wine, preserved in deep violet jars. Egypt was the leading producer of glass in the world at the time and traded their glass extensively with other ancient cultures including the Greeks and Mesopotamians. The deep violet coloured glass was considered an alternative to the precious mineral Lapis lazuli, which was highly coveted in the ancient world.

Egyptian mummification techniques were the most advanced in the ancient world. The cadaver would first be cleaned and washed in palm wine, then the brain removed via a metal hook through the nostrils. The liver, lungs, stomach and intestines would be removed and stored in individual coffins called Canopic jars. The heart was left, as it was thought to contain the soul. The cadaver would then be covered in Natron, a type of salt, and left to dry for 40 days before being washed and oiled again. Finally it was wrapped in linen, with charms, amulets & pieces of Papyrus placed between the layers. Hundreds of metres of linen were used.

As with the embalming methods of the Egyptians, many of their important discoveries were lost to the world for millennia. Only in the 19th century did Austrian visionary Jacob Lorber rediscover the restorative power of violet glass in the preservation of natural substances. Modern UV violet glass has only been manufactured in the last decade, after many years of scientific testing and trials.

Other ancient Egyptian inventions include paper, irrigation, hydraulic engineering & aerodynamics in sail construction.

Ultra violet glass is the product of thousands of years of discovery and development. With our jars, your herb will be preserved in optimum conditions, protected from the harmful rays of the sun for months or years.


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